Where is the Mozilla Thunderbird Filter Log File?

For some reason, a new filter that I added to my list of filters in Thunderbird was not getting applied (Thunderbird version 3.0 Beta 2) and I noticed that one of the buttons on the “Message Filters” dialog was a “Filter Log” button. So I went ahead and clicked that hoping I could seem some log of filter activity. Unfortunately this just brings up a dialog that allows you to turn the filter log on or off and to clear it. The default was to not maintain the filter log, so I turned the log on. Then I tried re-running the filters and nothing happened. So I thought I would look in the filter log file — but wait, where the heck is the Mozilla Thunderbird Filter Log File? Note that I am using Thunderbird on Windows XP. Hmm. Searching through all the menu options did not point me to anything that would show me the log file. Then I surmised that this “filter log” must be a dev type feature (either that or they still haven’t gotten round to developing this feature fully yet) and did a Google search — sure enough there were many people talking about the filter log file, but very few actually mention where the Thunderbird Filter Log File is on Windows. Some more digging and going in and out of the various links and I find that…ta-da…the Mozilla Thunderbird Filter Log file is named “filterlog.html”, but still no mention of where the file could be. Rather than visit more web-sites in search of the location, I decided to search all  the folders on my disk for this file and…..didn’t find this file! Hmm. This is getting curiouser. It seems like Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 2 is really beta quality software. The finally I found a page on the Mozillazine web-site that indicated that the filterlog.html file should be in the Profile directory and that the Profile directory would be in the %APPDATA% directory which essentially on XP is “C:\Document and Settings\<Windows user name>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name>. I looked there and did not find the “filterlog.html”. Seems like a bug or issue or perhaps it’s late and I am not thinking this through right. I give up…if you know what I am doing wrong, just email me. Thanks.

And why the hell is a log file in HTML format? It makes it hard to process and search for stuff using an editor….


One thought on “Where is the Mozilla Thunderbird Filter Log File?”

  1. If you don’t see a filter log html file it means no filters have been applied yet. Meaning…that no messages have been filtered according to your filter rules.

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