Bing results look like Google results

I was trying out the new Bing search engine from Microsoft for various searches over the last few days (for things I would normally use Google) just to get a feel for how well it performs. Like almost everyone else, I found the results were surprisingly good — comparable to results from Google. But as I was using it, I noticed that one of the reasons I found the Bing results good perhaps (now this it’s very subjective) is because they present the Bing search results in the same format as Google search

  • they seem to be using the same font with the link text in blue, 2 or 3 lines of description in black and the actual URL in green below the description.
  • they have a link to a cached page
  • they highlight the searched terms in the above summary
  • even the sizes of the font seem to be similar

My theory is that Microsoft conspired to copy the result format to help people psychologically accept the results of being just as good as Google’s!

See a couple of screen shots below:

Compare the results from Google above with the results from Bing below.


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