“Run some cheap tests”

Interesting article on Mixergy with suggestions from other entrepreneurs on how to find an idea for a new startup. What stood out for me was this:

Run some cheap tests

Though this only applies once you have an idea, I thought it was an excellent suggestion on using Google AdWords to run ads based on your idea to see if there is some interest in the  idea.


3 thoughts on ““Run some cheap tests””

  1. I guess one could take this to the extreme :-). Nonetheless for someone sincerely trying to validate an idea, the suggestion to run AdWords ads to check interest is very useful (and relatively cheap too).

  2. I agree, Adwords testing has many merits in realizing the commercial potential of an idea. In the SEO world we use it to test various keywords to see their ability to convert customers & sales. I don’t think setting up fake landing pages is a good idea, and of course, you run the risk of having your adwords account banned.

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