Programming is all about decision making

As a programmer, you are continually making decisions when you program. Both at the macro level and the micro level. For any project, you have to select the programming language, the tools and the environment. Then as you design, you have to choose continually among multiple ways of doing anything. As you code, you continually are choosing among many ways to write the code. You are continually reformatting and rearranging code and even refactoring because you are not able to decide if one way
is  better than another. The problem is that, usually, the decision making required is trivial. But the sheer number of times you have to decide stuff is what slows down any programming task.
I think people who complete / finish projects are people who do not sweat over all details when programming. For most decisions, when the need to make a decision arises, they quickly choose one of the two or more choices without thinking about it and do not second guess their choice. So they continuously make progress and take one path to the end — they do not spend their time vacillating over what to do at each decision point. If some decision was really bad, it will become apparent enough — then you only need to decide (:-)) if you need to rewrite the part of the code starting from where a wrong decision was made.


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