Insight Into Us

Unless we have a reason for being active we choose to do nothing – an
evolutionary vestige that ensures we conserve energy.

From here. I am thinking of collecting observations like these about humans that can help “hack” our behaviors towards “betterment”. For example this observation could be used to design activities like exercise or eating in a manner that will encourage us to “good” behavior.

Will tag such observations as “hack-thought”.


2 thoughts on “Insight Into Us”

  1. I was trying to get structures packed to match a non-Intel GCC compiler,
    when I found your page about structure packing in GCC.
    I did some more experimentation and found that it is not necessary
    to split the structure definition and the typedef,
    if the attribute information preceeds the typedef tag, like:
    typedef struct { … } __attribute__((__packed__)) Name;

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