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Information about studying in New Zealand to get a Post Graduate (Master's) Degree in the field of Computers

There are a number of Universities and other Institutes of Technologies in New Zealand where you can study towards a Master's degree in the field of Computer Science. Note that some colleges also have Post Graduate Diploma courses which are not the same as Master's degree programs.

(The below info is dated July, 2001)



New Zealand at present has 8 state-funded universities. These are:

Click here for a map showing the broad locations of each these Universities in New Zealand.
Click here for short profiles and contact info for each of these Universities.

Note that constituent colleges in some universities may be in parts of New Zealand other than the main campus.

Other Colleges

Other colleges (not affiliated to any University, and actually classified as Polytechnics) have programs that lead to a Master's degree. These are:


  • The link in the "College" column in the table below will take you to the International Student's page of the respective university from where you can get contact information, prospectus', application forms and other general information.
  • The International Student's page usually has prospectus and application form in PDF format.
  • Note that most University programs require that you complete a Bachelor's degree program in the same field that you want to pursue a Master's degree in.
  • Courses usually start Feb-Mar.
  • Programs are usually for a duration of 2 years (or more depending on when you complete you thesis).
  • Usually a MSc program emphasizes a thesis as opposed to regular coursework. MSc programs are tougher, are research oriented and more open-ended.
College Program Name Tuition Fees (yearly, NZ$, 2001)
University of Auckland *No Programs* NA
Victoria University of Wellington

School of Mathematical & Computing Sciences

MSc in Computer Science
Master of Computer Science
University of Otago MSc (Computer Science) 23,000
University of Canterbury MSc (Computer Science) 20,000
University of Waikato

CS Dept Web-Site

This college seems to have a well-developed CS department.

MCMS (Master of Computing & Mathematical Science) 17,000
Massey University

Institute of Information Science & Technology Web-Site

MSc (Computer Science) 25,500
Lincoln University *No Programs* NA
Auckland University of Technology *No Programs* NA
UNITEC Institute of Technology

Dept Web-Site

Master of Computing 16,600



  • In general tuition costs about NZ$ 22,000 per year in a university and about NZ$ 16,000 per year in any other college.
  • In addition to the tuition fees, living costs can be anywhere from NZ$ 8,000 to NZ$ 11,000 per year. (The visa requirement for living costs though is NZ$ 7000 per year).
  • As is true in any environment, there are always other minor study related expenses like application fees, late fees and other administrative or membership fees.
  • Your Student Permit allows you to work upto 15 hours per week during the academic year (Feb - Nov). If you also apply for a "variation" to your Student Permit, you can work full-time during the summer vacation (Nov - Feb).


  • New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee is a central co-ordinating body promoting New Zealand's universities around the world. Contact info for this body is here.
  • For a more complete overview of the education system and a complete list of all the colleges (polytechnics), look here or here.

Disclaimer: This info is provided as a public service and the author is not responsible for any errors. Please verify all information before you commit to anything.

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