Does Bing run on Windows?

I wondered if Bing was run on Windows servers (that would have been an excellent demo of Windows Server). But checking on NetCraft seems to indicate that is hosted on Akamai‘s servers and Akamai probably uses Linux based hardware and software. I guess it makes sense that a company with lots of money would spend that money to not have to bother with the scalability aspect themselves :-). But hosting on a Windows back-end would have been a great demo.


4 thoughts on “Does Bing run on Windows?”

  1. I thought Akamai offered networking services akin to a distributed proxy server that works as an enhancement for an existing content serving infrastructure. So, in effect, hides behind Akamai services. Akamai makes the request and serves it to clients rather than serving the request directly. Then, if a similar request is made, Akamai routes the cached data. But, I could be wrong.

  2. When last did you check the netcraft report for and why should you care. If you where making a few billion in cash why cant you use another server OS who said they cant?

    If IBM had not made a small group of colledge students rich you would still be bashing IBM no doubt.

    30 years on this argument is still the same.
    Go off and fetch your ZX81 out the attic and code in basic 🙂

    Even better why the hell are you typing on a GUI wow that is progress. Please go use the IRC chat and come to terms with the fact.

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