Web-Site or Web-Service Marketing Techniques

I am collecting info from various sources that I read to make a single comprehensive page of techniques or methods one can use to market a web-site or web-service and improve it’s visibility. In no particular order here are some of the web-site or web-service marketing techniques. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links.

  • Create an affiliate program. If you pay a reasonable amount in referral, people who run sites based on affiliate programs will be interested in affiliate marketing your web-site or web-service. The benefit to you is that you end up paying money to an affiliate, it also means you are making money. Depending on your web-service, this can be a simple and effective method of marketing your web-service. If your web-service has similar established competitors who too have affiliate programs, and easy method to find affiliates is to simply do a Google search for keywords representing your web-service. Affiliate marketers will usually be among the top sites for those terms.
  • On Google, search for keywords representing your web-site or web-service. This should bring up competitors if any to your web-service. Then do a “link:url” search to find sites linking to your competitors. Then spend time/money/effort trying to get listed in the same places.
  • Search on twitter (search.twitter.com) for keywords or phrases expressing the service provided by your web-service and find people who have posted expressing interest in such a service or frustration with existing services or even tweeting about similar services. Get in touch with the tweeters. Keep a record of the keywords or phrases you use and regularly repeat searches to find new tweeters to get in touch with.
  • Make landing pages specific to each target segment. Make sure the landing page is simple and effective — use the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action — have something like an image or graphic or video that grabs their attention, have a headline or title that generates interest, have copy that succinctly explains the purpose of your website or service and evokes a desire in the visitor to use the service and have a link or button that the user can act on to use your service).
  • Create an account on every social bookmarking site on the planet and bookmark your web-site or web-service.
  • Create an account on every startup listing service on the planet and list your web-service.
  • If it’s suitable for your web-service, create a widget that people can embed in their blogs to get easy visibility from across a range of blogs.
  • Email columnists for web and fossil publishers relevant to the segment you are marketing your service to and tell them about your service.
  • Create sm