Can you create multiple Google Adsense accounts?

I wondered if one can hold multiple Google Adsense accounts. A quick search revealed that Google’s answer is “maybe”. What they don’t allow is for the same payee (to whom they make out the checks) to have multiple accounts. So perhaps you can work around this by creating accounts in other people’s names (your better half perhaps?), but there are tax implications. I have also read that sometimes there are problems with different payee’s being at the same address or logging in from the same machine (or IP address) though this could just be fear-mongering. Simply send an email to Google Adsense support and ask them. One thing they do seem to allow after approval if you are a business entity is to hold Google Adsense accounts in the names of each of these business entities owned by you.

See Google Adsense Help question: “Can I sign up for more than one account?


Google Index Algorithm Insight?

I made the blog on my web-site visible to Google’s googlebot crawler a day after there was a news article about a new electric car being introduced in the market called “Detroit Electric”. I found that very quickly Google had indexed all pages of the nascent blog — all except for a blog article on my visit to the San Jose Historic Park where I explained seeing the early 1900’s car called the “Detroit Electric” (apparently the company introducing the new car had bought rights to the old “Detroit Electric” name). This page doesn’t event show up when I do a site specific search on my site (though other pages show up).

It seems like Google was penalizing my page mentioning “Detroit Electric” and I think it is because “Detroit Electric” was a recent term in the news and my blog still isn’t a trusted source! Well, Mr. Google, I was there first and I wasn’t gaming the system.

My Google Index Algorithm Insight: If your just crawled and untrusted (low pagerank?) web-page refers to terms recently in the news, Google will not include that page in search results.

Probably they put the page in the famed “sand-box” for a period of time before they will allow it into the search results. I know, I know, Google claims there is no such thing as a “sand-box”.