Using the right programming font

After playing around a bit with various fonts and color schemes due to increasing eye-strain, today, I finally settled on using “Lucida Console” with “ClearType” font smoothing for C/C++ programming (under Windows with Emacs and Vim) and realized something — when the code looks beautiful (as it does with this font combination), I feel like writing beautiful code :-).

I now use Lucida Console Regular, font size 11 with ClearType font smoothing under Windows.

(UPDATE: Mensch is now my new favorite. On my Emacs on Windows XP, Mensch looks mostly like Lucida Console, but has minor enhancements (like 0 with a dot in it to distinguish it from O) that I like)


3 thoughts on “Using the right programming font”

  1. I saw in your emacs for vi users page ( that you said you had to shut down and restart emacs for the redefinition of the % to take effect – in fact, if, while in the .emacs buffer, you simply run eval-buffer, you don’t have to restart. It really bugged me back when I was making lots of changes and shutting down/restarting, so I thought I’d share this little tip (and couldn’t find your email in a quick look around your site).

    Also, as for monotype fonts for programming, ever consider Andale Mono? I love it!

  2. Yes, I’ve learned since that eval-buffer helps…thanks for the info.

    I’ve used Andale Mono, but for me Lucida Console works best right now with my eye situation :-(.

  3. Choosing the right font is so important. I’ve left sites that probably had interesting information because the font was simply too small or too difficult to read. And… I’m not even that old!

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