C — How to check how much time a section of code takes to execute.

This requires use of standard C library support for the clock_gettime() function. This returns time as a data-structure (struct timespec) that includes the current time in seconds and nano-seconds. Call this one time before the section of code to evaluate and once after and then take a difference of the end time versus the start time to figure out the time taken in the section of code.


struc timespec timespec_diff(struct timespec end, struct timespec start)



void testThis()


int i;

struct timespec start, end, diff;


clock_gettime(0, &start);

for (i = 0; i < 100000; i++)


x = i * 45;


clock_gettime(0, &end);

diff = timespec_diff(end, start);

printf(“Section of code took %u seconds %d nano-seconds\n”, diff.tv_sec, diff.tv_nsec);



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